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Live Seed and Live Oil

Live Seed and Live Oil

Mon, January 3, 2022

Using live seed is only the first step in producing live oils. Live seed has the energy within itself to germinate and grow. A live seed is unaltered and retains the natural goodness, imbued with life force.  The challenge is to transfer the vitality of the seed to the oil produced from it.

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Why is everyone talking about Super Vitamin E?

Why is everyone talking about Super Vitamin E?

Mon, March 13, 2017

Cranberry Seed Oil: cold-pressed cranberry seed oil is the richest known source of tocotrienols. It has a tocotrienol content of 1,700 mg/kg. It also smells nice, absorbs well and has a high content of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are uniquely balanced 1:1.

Red Palm Oil: red palm oil contains 730 mg/kg of tocotrienols. Palm oil is low in essential fatty acids and high in saturated fats. Palm oil plantations are linked to unsustainable deforestation throughout the world.

Rice Bran Oil: rice bran oil contains 585 mg/kg of tocotrienols. Rice bran oil is low in essential fatty acids and has a high Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio which can lead to inflammation.

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I've used many different oils on my face...Tamanu, Jojoba, Shea butter, etc. They all have an earthy smell that varies. I will keep using your RSO because it feels great on my skin, absorbs well, and I like the bit of sun-protection it offers. When I finish the one you sent me, I will re-order more of the organic one. Thank you again for standing behind your product and assuring customer satisfaction. That means a lot!



I have fallen in LOVE with this soap! I have horribly sensitive skin and this soap does not irriate or cause me to break out . . in fact it has seemed to imporve my skin. I used it from head to toe . . I have even washed my hair with it! Love! Only wish is that is wasnt quite as expensiev as it tends to be used rather quickly since it is such a soft soap. Dont quit making this!!

- TPheasant

I just wanted to thank the folks at Berry Beautiful for creating such a wonderful product! My friends and I are avid cyclists here in the Sonoran desert and we've been using your raspberry seed oil instead of commercially produced sunscreen for several years. This stuff is amazing!!!!! No clogged pores, no nasty chemicals, no itching and burning sensations that usually accompany "sunscreen" products. Us girls spend A LOT of time in the desert sun and, as we are all in our late forties to early fifties, we are so happy to have found your raspberry seed oil so keep our skin happy. Thank you sooooo much for discovering and making this natural alternative available to us!! Pedal on!


I got my package and wanted to let you know that I absolutely love you guys!  I am fair skinned, freckled and I do wear sunscreen.  I was in California gardening at my grandmas and couldn’t find any sunscreen so I put an oil on that I mixed that had about 60% berry beautiful raspberry seed oil and I saved myself from getting burned.  I also used this the entire time I was in Miami and I applied my body oil every morning and only applied sunscreen once and was in the sun the ENTIRE day.  If I only had the sunscreen, I would’ve been applying it a million times and would’ve still ended up with a sunburn.  I consider your oil to be the thing that was missing in my life.  I am now using it in my face regimen too!  And I tried the scrub for the first time last night and am completely hooked!  Will need to upgrade my sample to a real size!  Giving the other samples a try today/tomorrow and my skin is looking and feeling amazing, even with using them for just a day.

-Amelia L


I am writing to thank you for making yet another fantastic product, the daily SPF 20. It is by far the best natural sunscreen I’ve ever used. (and I’ve tried a lot). I’m looking forward to trying more of your products in the future.



Are your Raspberry & Cranberry seed oils and powders Organic?

We produce Certified Organic red raspberry seed oil & powder. Any Berry Beautiful product that is organic will have the USDA organic seal on the front of the label. If you don’t see the USDA organic seal then the product is NOT from organically grown crops. Most of the seeds we dry and cold-press are from conventionally grown Meeker red raspberries (an heirloom variety) that is grown almost exclusively in the Pacific Northwest.

How long do orders take to ship?

Orders are shipped within 1 to 3 business days from the order date. During holiday seasons there may be delays on large orders. Our soaps take up to eight weeks to fully cure and we have experienced some backlogs during the holidays.

Do you offer wholesale & bulk pricing for larger orders?

We offer discounted prices on large orders of our products. Our wholesale catalog is available to download by clicking here. Please contact us via our wholesale contact page with any questions regarding large/bulk orders.

Do you ship outside the United States?

All of our products are available for global shipping. You can always e-mail us with the items you'd like to order and we'll happily provide you with an online payable invoice. The only information we need is: Products & Quantity, Mailing Address & E-mail Address